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Cisco Systems

office interior
Cisco Systems


CLIENT Cisco Systems

ADDRESS 19, Krylatskaya, business-park “Krylatsky Hills”



About Project

The office of Cisco Systems is located in Moscow, in the business center Krylatsky Hills at 19 Krylatskaya Street, block D. When we enter the office on the 1st floor, get into a spacious reception and waiting area. The two-light space with a staircase connecting the first floor and the mezzanine with stainless steel and plexiglas with illumination, as well as windows at full height create space and airiness. And in addition to everything on the western side of the office, there is an amazing view of the forest park "Silver Forest" and the riverbed of the Moscow river.

In addition to the meeting area and customer expectations, Cisco Telepresence is located on the first floor of the office - an integral attribute of every Cisco Systems office. The oval-shaped room, which easily fits into the rectangular structure of the layout, is a high-tech means of communication for video conferencing. The walls of the RTBC show-room outside and inside are partially lined with veneered panels.

In the eastern part of the first floor there is a back office. On the mezzanine and on the 3rd floor are the meeting rooms, some of which can be combined via mobile partitions.

Structurally, the office is built according to the classical scheme - along the windows there are work stations, as well as short-term workplaces, the so-called "touchdown area". These jobs are designed for guests, as well as traveling employees of the company, for which there is no clearly fixed place.

In the central part of the office are the rooms of the buffet, meeting rooms, archives, toilets and auxiliary rooms.

At the entrance to Cisco Systems, customers and employees find themselves in the most ergonomic room for work. The use of warm colors in the decoration of colors, as well as the abundance of glass in the building itself is intended to emphasize the tranquil atmosphere of comfort, privacy and high technologies.

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