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Multifunctional veterinary center

multifunctional complex
Multifunctional veterinary center

TOTAL SQUARE 1 989 sq m

ADDRESS Moscow region, Odintsovo district, Zarechye, Lugovaya str., 1, p. 4



About Project

Multifunctional veterinary Center is a modern 1-storey building located in the west of Moscow, in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, in the urban locality of Zarechye. The architects applied modern facade and interior finishing solutions and created a simple laconic facade using natural materials, which is caused by the location of the object and the lack of dense development nearby.

The volume of the projected building is a square shape with widely projecting roof overhangs. To ensure the effect of the "floating" roof immediately under the canopy around the perimeter of the building is tape glazing. Interior solutions support the facade concept for the decoration of the building and are its continuation.

The site provides for comprehensive landscaping with the breakdown of lawns, planting shrubs and trees, with two sites for walking sick animals and animals that are kept in the" hotel " zone.

This center is interesting because pets will be able to receive a variety of medical care, including unique diagnostic tests on CT and MRI machines. The center provides equipment for complex surgical procedures, including those involving the use of a gamma knife. The multifunctional veterinary center will have a zone and equipment for animal rehabilitation and postoperative recovery. The clinic will also provide additional services: grooming, hotel for pets. The hotel block provides enclosures for different breeds of dogs and cats, taking into account their size and personality.

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