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office interior
coffee points
Renovation of the office space of the St. Petersburg branch of Alfa-Bank

TOTAL AREA 134 sq m

ADDRESS St. Petersburg, Akademika Lebedeva str., 31 building 2 lit. A


CONSTRUCTION 2018 – 2019

About Project

The main task of this project was to create kitchen areas and coffee points for employees who work with clients remotely. It was necessary to organize the spaces of the bank's office in St. Petersburg, where employees could have lunch, drink coffee, as well as take a break from the working rhythm and relax.

For each floor, ABD architects came up with an individual, bright and unusual design of coffee points. At the request of the Customer, all zones had to differ from each other in design. As a result, there were dining areas in the "loft" style with decorative bricks on the wall and textures of wood and concrete, as well as calm spaces in pastel colors with soft lighting. All coffee points are united by the atmosphere of comfort, the use of natural textures and materials and the combination of noble colors and shades.

The company was faced with the task of creating bright spaces and visually expanding them. So unusual lighting solutions were invented: for example, in one of the coffee points, special lightboxes with lighting are located on the wall, which resemble windows from which light pours on a bright sunny day.

Special attention was paid to special-order products. Almost all the furniture was made to order, and the finishing elements and built-in furniture were assembled directly on the site in a construction design. An unusual feature was the use of materials atypical for the office, such as natural wood with simple processing, which retains the feeling of a "living" material.

During the implementation of the project, one of the main tasks was to comply with the tight deadlines, since during the construction the main part of the office was already put into operation.

Pavel Dyachenko,
Head of the Infrastructure Department of Alfa-Bank
In 2018, Alfa-Bank decided to develop together with CBRE an office space management strategy, which, among other things, involves the formation of an internal corporate office culture based on the movement towards WELL standards and Healthy Office. As part of this strategy, for the renovation of its main office in St. Petersburg, the bank attracted the architectural bureau ABD architects and CBRE-leading experts in the field of WELL - standards, to create comfortable places of communication integrated into the office workspace. CBRE acted as a consultant to Alfa-Bank. Alfa-Bank expresses its sincere gratitude to its long-standing partners: CBRE and ABD architects for their assistance in implementing this project.

Oleg Dmitriev,
Development Director of ABD architects in St. Petersburg
The project of the design of coffee points for the Alfa-Bank office in St. Petersburg was a kind of challenge. The entire design took no more than a month, not counting the short period of approval of the design project with the Client. The working documentation was released within a week for the operational start of work. For the most effective implementation of the project, the work was divided between the Moscow and St. Petersburg offices. The design project was developed by the architect in Moscow for the most convenient coordination with the Client, and the working documentation was carried out in St. Petersburg for the convenience of further implementation of the project.The project turned out to be interesting and bright, while it mostly uses materials of Russian and local production. The showiness of the interior is achieved through details: glass to the entire wall, lightboxes and loft-style elements. At the same time, an individual design was made for each of the 4 floors on which the coffee points are located – this made it possible to make a kind of zoning of the floors, since the office space has approximately the same structure and design, and coffee points distinguish the floors and set the mood for each of them.

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