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The company has an architecture department and an interior department, which allows to cover the entire market of architectural services as completely as possible and satisfy the client's requests at any level with the same efficiency and professionalism.

Interior Design

ABD architects performs the entire complex of design services and consulting services for fit-out works and construction.

The General Designer duties cover the development of project materials at all design stages as well as designer supervision during construction. As General Designer ABD architects undertakes responsibility for the entire complex of design documentation, coordinates the development and integration of different engineering solutions into architectural design.

The due diligence is required in the analysis of different premises and other options for buying or leasing office space. At this stage we consult a customer on task program, prepare test fits, visit selected objects and make reports where we summarize pros and cons of every variant according to main architectural characteristics. The due diligence can be also performed for the project’s engineering component. In this case we evaluate technical conditions for connection from the building owner with regard to the basic engineering systems and compare them to the needs of the new office.

Proceeding from the task, Customer’s corporate standards and building limitations, we prepare a planning concept utilizing space in the most efficient manner. Basing on the first option we discuss variants and prepare a required number of revisions. This planning concept will be developed with due account of current fire-safety norms, sanitary regulations, and the building owner’s restrictions. A layout displays furniture arrangement, doors opening direction, and every premise explication.

We will develop a unique interior design project for your company, taking into account all your requirements and limitations both in the field of implementation cost and corporate standards as well as requests in the field of quality and view of materials. The design project illustrates appearance of your office, selected finishing materials, furniture and lighting items. Our specialists will prepare photorealistic 3D visualizations. We can also discuss other special forms of the presentation.

We use various techniques and software for design solutions illustration depending on the time limits and coordination process.

For the construction fulfillment we will prepare a full set of working documentation including all sections (drawings, illustrative notes, sections, and details), and approve it with the building managing company. The key issues in the working documentation development are coordination of design solutions with all adjacent sections, control of elevation points and final engineering systems design. Also as part of working documentation we prepare a set of drawings for custom-made items.

During the working documentation implementation ABD architects offers their services for author’s working documentation supervision, controlling its earlier design decisions and defending the position of the customer in order to avoid simplification and the construction cost reduction.

The construction supervision guaranties the work fulfillment in the strict accordance with working documentation. Author will regularly visit the project during all the construction period. The quality of performed finishing works and the fulfillment of engineering solutions will be checked. Besides, we check the specialized shop drawings, prepared by the manufacturers of the compound items: sliding and glass partitions and doors, customized furniture etc. We also check and approve the stock numbers of procured materials. Architectural supervision log will be maintained. Proceeding from the results of performed works, the author takes part in the acceptance of fulfilled works and prepare a list of defects and deficiencies (snagging list).

In order to define the updated cost indicators and select of the General Contractor ABD architects developes Tender Documentation kit consisting of several packages. The Tender Documentation will include engineering equipment specification, architectural set of drawings which gives opportunity for accurate price estimation. We can also suggest alternative materials and equipment for the Customer’s consideration at this stage.

In case of integration of a new space organization concept in the new office it is necessary to incorporate the supporting process of such changes for the company’s employees. In parallel with the process of designing we are ready to develop a program of changes management, which includes original estimate of the necessity of such changes, the process of incorporation and assessment after moving. The process of original assessment can include desk utilization survey.

In order to optimize the cost of project and find the most suitable partners in the process of design implementation, a necessity of conducting different tenders may arise. The most widespread are the tenders for General Contractor and tender for furniture supplier. Our managers will organize a process of conducting tenders in the framework of these works. We will also review the tender submissions in order to check compliance of the contractors’ offers with the design documentation.

The company performs professional measurements of the space with the use of laser scanning technology, which helps to make measurement of premises in any condition within the shortest possible time. The results of measurements will be digitized from the “point clouds” into a required software – Revit or AutoCAD. The precise measurements help to avoid mistakes during the construction and minimize discrepancies between actual state of premises and design documentation.

Designing of common area with the development of photorealistic high-quality 3D for graphic arts printing, development of test fits for future tenants, preparation of standard design package , marketing office design and other services required for promoting your real estate.

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