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Clinic +31
Since the most actively person reacts to color, the coloring in solving the interior of the K + 31 clinic is perhaps the most important role.
Clinic «Chaika»
Clinic «Chaika» is a new network of clinics in Moscow
EMC Clinic
Designed building located in the Central Administrative District at the address: Shchepkina 43 at the intersection of the street and the entrance esplanade Shchepkina sports complex "Olympic" near the exit of the metro station "Prospect Mira".
Chaika Sports Clinic
Interiors of a unique sports clinic
City Clinical Hospital No. 63
Reconstruction of the city clinical hospital in Moscow
European Medical Center
Interiors of the European Medical Center were developed by the ABD architects Department of Interior where the chief architect was Maria Korneeva, who already had experience in designing interiors for medical centers, such as «Clinic 31».
Le Sens medical center
Center for aesthetic medicine on street Zemlyanoy Val
Chaika Clinic in Kuntsevo Plaza
Welcoming and comfortable space for clients and office coworking for doctors