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Tetra Pak

office interior

TOTAL SQUARE 3 521 sq m

ADDRESS Vilgelma Pika str., 8

DESIGN 2015 – 2016


About Project

Tetra Pak appreciates its history that’s why ABD architects used models of their packing in interior design. Unusual decisions on a carpet, ceiling plates and graphics on walls and columns support this idea and represent the stylized development of packings of Tetra Pak.

The office has been planned within the concept of activity based office to which the company moves at the global level. Main concept is in accurate geometrical forms and lines in plasticity of space. The distant color range for working spaces promotes tranquility and concentration, while bright color spots on a ceiling emphasize zones of informal communication and create the easy atmosphere and serve as navigation on office.

The project of full reconstruction of office to the address Wilhelm Pik St., 8, meant re-planning with preservation of former furniture, and also replacement of engineering communications and lighting. Designers of ABD architects sought to leave as much as possible fr om room system planning, but at the same time tried to reduce noise level. Small cabins for telephone conversations with acoustic screens have been for this purpose thought up, the zone of informal communication and brain storm were created. Also were organized hot desks, for employees to freely move from one table to another, or to any place at office wh ere it will be convenient to them to work.

Architects have developed absolutely different scenario of office illumination as earlier lighting had exclusively cold tonality. Such light quickly tires and employees of the Tetra Pak complained of “feeling of hospital” before.

The author’s matting which is given up on glass partitions has been executed, and passes to doors and to walls. It contain well-known drawing of the Tetra founder Rubin Rausinga that was done in 1952.
Uros Kepic,
At Tetra Pak, we decided to renovate our existing office to enhance its functionality as well as it give it modern and distinctive Tetra Pak touch and feel. ABD architects were chosen through a tender process. Their innovative approach, capability to listen to the client and incorporate client’s desires and global standards into their solution is commendable. Their approach goes way beyond simply giving ideas – they have a solid understanding of materials, suppliers, and understand cos vs. benefit well. They are flexible and truly client oriented.

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