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sales office
Sales office of RG-Development company


ADDRESS Moscow, Pravda St., 26, BC Northern Lights



About Project

RG - Development is a development company with a portfolio of more than one million square meters of residential real estate. The decision of moving of head office and the central sales office was associated with the active development of the company. 

The space is divided into two parts: an office for employees and a central sales office - a show room for receiving clients and presentations. The central sales office is an important part of corporate identity. The office contains a presentation area with architectural models of projects and a negotiation area. At the same time, the office can receive 30 real estate buyers.

Two options are provided for communicating with clients: initial consultation in one of the meeting rooms, or secondary - in a convenient lounge area. Also there is a children's corner, which is designed to make communication between employees and customers who come with children more comfortable.

The basis of the concept of the showroom was the task of highlighting the company's product - residential complexes, presented here in the form of models. Therefore, the space was conceived as an art gallery filled with art objects. There are models, special reception desk, and also a screen in the form of Moscow map.

Two lines of meeting rooms are planned in the showroom, three of them are designed for meetings of two to four people. Three other meeting rooms, depending on the task, are transformed into one large meeting room for 10-12 people.

Customer focus is main feature of RG-Development sales office. It is important to show first-class service for the client, and a sales office forms the first impression of a developer. 

Continuing the idea of ​​the exhibition space, the light line on the ceiling leads the visitor from exhibit to exhibit, being a kind of art navigation. Glossy textures and designer lights create a lot of bright highlights. The non-standard solution was the form of the reception desk, as well as its material - liquid stone.

An important nuance of the project was schedule - no more than a month passed from the first idea to the finished working draft. At the same time, work was carried out in other areas for the main office of RG-Development in the same building.

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