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TOTAL AREA 800 sq m

ADDRESS Moscow, Aviamotornaya str., 10, building 2, 5th floor



About Project

The main theme chosen for this project was jungle. For employees of a large company who have an irregular working day and a lot of daily tasks, the desire to stay in nature and see natural shades is extremely in demand.


For a fast-growing company, it is important to have a comfortable, bright and modern office as a business card of a future reliable partner or employer. Therefore, in the office of Poscredit there is a lot of greenery, natural stone, wood, a large number of terrazzo and drawings on the walls supporting this theme and, of course, leaves everywhere.

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This is not the first project where ABD architects use the decoration of partitions with leaves and work with translucent elements. In this project, this point is worked out best and there are no similar analogues yet. There is also a lot of furniture that was invented by the architects themselves and made to order.


It is obvious that with the help of the ideas and desires of the Client, as well as the hard work of architects, it is possible to produce original and wonderful furniture products on the territory of the Russian Federation. Another feature of this project was preserved columns that the office inherited from the building. They were polished and brought to a shine.

The architects did a good job with acoustics, light and air. They added a lot of elements in order to reduce the noise and hum during the working day. They preserved and expanded the existing light, also developed a planning solution so that there was a maximum number of translucent structures and the sun's rays fell even into the most loneliest and remote corners of the office. The quality of the existing ventilation was improved; the wiring of the necessary communications was added. The architects used open and closed ceilings, where in both cases everything looks is built-in and hidden.


Thus, during the day it is absolutely comfortable to spend time and work in a noisy office. It turned out excellent sound absorption and ideal temperature, also there is enough light at any time of the year.

The new office has a large number of areas for negotiations or collaboration, as well as many phone booths, places for focused and "quiet" work. Cluster in an open space can be divided into several zones with the help of acoustic partitions and for comfortable accommodation of the necessary number of people for the project.


The kitchen is designed according to an individual project, and the cafe for employees reflects the Mediterranean style. The icing on the cake of this project was the development of another coordinate system in the office together with the Client. We are talking about music, which is integrated with the help of equipment in the ceilings in all adjacent areas: in bathrooms, kitchens, wardrobes and in the reception area.


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