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The office of IT company



ADDRESS Moscow, Stolyarny lane, 3, bldg. 14

DESIGN 2019-2020

About Project

Visually, the project is not typical for office interiors. One of the main requirements of the customer was to create a space as rich in ideas and symbolism as possible. The office was supposed to attract and intrigue visitors, while remaining an object of study for permanent employees for a long time, and each zone was unique, unlike the other. It was also necessary to keep the layout as open as possible, without resorting to the use of partitions and dividing the space due to furniture solutions. The only division of space that could be used was division by the style and atmosphere of each room.


«In order to connect the unconnected without losing the general idea of space, we needed to find a strong central concept. And we found it in the myth of Yggdrasil – the mythical tree of life that plays a central role in Germanic-Norse cosmology. Being the structural basis of the universe, according to legends, it connects the nine worlds, representing the cosmic balance of the universe and its energy. After we found this concept, the space seemed to be created by itself», — says Fyodor Filippov, the project's lead architect.


As a result, this idea was transformed into an office, where each space has its own character, but at the same time they are combined with each other, and one smoothly passes into the other. In the reception area, natural motifs and the main symbol of the tree of life from the concept are traced. The atmosphere of the spaces resembles a cozy home environment, in which you want to find yourself and consider every detail.


Other projects

From the very beginning the office design provided for future reshaping of the office area, facilitating change in size and in the number of rooms. A special ceiling was selected to be connected with partition fixes.
Cushman & Wakefield Stiles & Riabokobylko
The well-known real estate consulting company Cushman & Wakefield Stiles & Riabokobylko sought to unite all of its departments, scattered around Moscow, in a single space while moving into a new office.
The open spacу zone is a joint workspace.