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public area

THE TOTAL SQUARE 18 012 sq m

ADDRESS Leningradsky p-t, 39

DESIGN 1997–2003


About Project

Schwarzkopf Professional Academy is an educational center of international scale, providing hairdressers with the opportunity to study according to all relevant European standards and in all areas of the profession of hairdresser: dyeing, haircuts, styling, care. Currently, more than 80 Schwarzkopf Professional Academies operate in 37 countries.

The interior of such a premise should support the high status of the academy, as well as provide all the necessary functions for training: comfortable light, the availability of a large number of places for storage, comfortable workplaces and roomy auditoriums. The space is divided by a transformable partition, which, if desired, can accommodate a larger number of people.

The reception zone is mainly solved in white light. The stand itself is highlighted with soft light, bright colors only the company's multicolored products stand out. Rounded chairs in the waiting area support the "space" interior, creating an impression among visitors that they were in the space of the future.

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