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ACE Insurance

office interior


CLIENT ACE Insurance

ADDRESS 2, Barykovsky Lane



About Project

The office of ACE Insurance is located on the second floor of the OST House business center. The main wish of the owners was to get the maximum number of workplaces in a compact area, while ensuring comfortable conditions for employees (currently there are 43 people in the Moscow branch). It was also necessary to emphasize the unity of space, make it convenient to move around the office and intelligently organize departments for their effective interaction. To optimize the space, the reception desk was located in the elevator hall. This decision required additional fire safety measures.

Two open space zones and two executive offices were placed along the perimeter of the room. Thus, the workplaces of all employees are lit by natural light, they can feel the advantages of panoramic glazing of the business center. Movement in the office is set in two directions: from the hall you can go to the offices of leaders or in the working half. At the same time, there are no additional partitions between these conditional zones - in a small company with a friendly team they do not aspire to withstand a strict hierarchy. Separated from the main traffic routes only the financial unit. Closer to the core of the office are two meeting rooms. In a large negotiation you can get both from the work area, and directly from the reception area, which is convenient for the company's customers.

The lighting system of working areas is equipped with motion sensors. For ventilation, LTG's built-in grilles are used, which evenly distribute air along the ceiling without creating drafts. The air intake is conducted through a perforated metal ceiling, in which the soundproof layer is removed.

In the interior we used the corporate green color (ace green), which is necessarily present in the offices of the company around the world. Corporate style also supports a drawing applied to glass partitions. Bright accents enliven the overall neutral gamut, built on a combination of white and gray in different shades. To such a comfortable solution for a concentrated work, the architects came with the customers, giving up more active design ideas.
Michael Skehal,
European Project Manager CRE
The interiors team led by Dennis Kuvshinnikov, successfully created a contemporary and professional interior office design, which compliments ACE’s corporate standards and brand identity.

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