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11 february 2019

Situational and analytical center in Volgograd received a positive expert conclusion

Ilya Levyant, chief architect, ABD architects:

«The building of the situational-analytical center is located near Mamayev Kurgan, parallel to the Lenin's prospect and in close proximity to the railway line - these town-planning factors led to the creation of a "broken" rectangular shape, and the protruding bulks of the first and fifth floors enhance the dynamic effect. The Client’s request was to create a high-class project of quality of architecture, engineering equipment and facade appearance with an obligatory integrated lighting system. These things were given maximum attention in creating the concept and in the subsequent development of the project. The façade solution with an integrated system of lamps, arranged in a staggered manner, enhances the dynamic form at night, since the main view on the building is a view from the avenue.» 

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