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12 march 2019

ABD architects designed a new office for Givaudan

Givaudan is the world's largest producer of food flavors and perfume compositions. It’s field of activity became the main source of inspiration for ABD architects while creating the interior of the new office for the company.

The company wished to remove into a larger office than the previous one. At the same time, new office supposed to be more functional and convenient for both employees and for visiting customers and partners of the company. According to the task formulated for architects, the design of the space should include natural motifs, natural colors, high-quality natural materials - this is due to the policy of the company, using only natural raw materials in the production of flavors. The architects also wanted to emphasize the airiness and lightness of the space, in which the analogy to the movement of volatile substances and particles creating aroma would be guessed.

Maria Boyko, lead architect: "The initial structural difficulties of the building were transformed into interesting solutions for office planning. In this project, a lot of attention was paid to the choice of high-quality and modern materials. I think the office turned out to be as functional, comfortable, and bright as it was originally intended. 

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