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14 october 2021

Theater stage: 50% office and 50% home

As part of the Trend rooms 2021 project in St. Petersburg, we have created a Theater stage concept that meets the main theme of OficeNext 2021: "Between office, home and Coworking".

The stand is a visual interpretation of the theater scene, where the inverted perspective and bright colors create a sense of theatrical action and deliberate grotesque. The variety of modern furniture also creates a sense of theatrical play, blurring the line between the office and home space of a post-covid employee, since before the lockdown we were trying in every possible way to "domesticate" the office, making the workplace more cozy and personalized, and in the lockdown we tried to arrange an office at home, equipping the workplace, and looking for a business or at least neutral background for online conferences.

Thus, the pavilion is 50% office and 50% home, changing its functionality depending on the day: in the morning and in the afternoon it is a modern office, but with the onset of evening, the space becomes a cozy home and a place for meetings in an informal setting.

Other materials

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