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The building of the scientific and technical centre of “Pipe Metallurgical Company” is one of the key city-forming objects on the northern side of the Innovation Centre. Company ABD architects has designed it based on the results of an architectural competition, carried out by “Skolkovo” Fund in cooperation with the investor. Portal “Archsovet Moscow” asked architects and representatives of the Fund to talk about the project, the city-planning principles and Innograd aesthetics.

ABD architects bureau participated in the architectural competition along with major international companies such as NBBJ (USA), Stefano Boeri (Italy) and Eller & Eller (Germany). As explained by the representatives of the “Skolkovo” Foundation, the contest was held to see a variety of architectural schools and approaches. ABD architects gave a convincing solution to all the major architectural and urban principles of Innograd. The project meets environmental and high-tech criteria and has a certain style and quality of the surroundings, established for Skolkovo residents. At present the building is under active construction.
For the project, it was necessary to combine two functions with very different standards of design and process technology: office and administrative and lab areas - in other words, a complete industrial plant. The challenge was to combine them organically in order to create the most comfortable conditions of access to and operation of both zones.

Facade solutions were dictated by functional expediency and corporate stylistics of “TMK” in compliance with all points of the Code of Skolkovo. As a result, the two parts of the complex have their own unique solutions, that function in the general style: office and administrative area has a double-layer glass facade with decorative elements and roof greening. Test and laboratory area has the form of an industrial building - differs by the absence of window openings, as the whole system of natural light is placed on the roof. The facade is made of a bilayer with a metal grid, behind which there are noise reduction system and lighting equipment.
Lyudmila Kostycheva,
Fit-out Project Manager UDAS Skolkovo
The services were provided timely and professionally. ABD architects have been successful in creating efficient space layout and ensuring that the design will maintain high level of Cisco inc. standards. We have formed an effective working an effective working relationship with ABD architects and are happy with the work they have accomplished in their role to date.

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