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Kaspersky Lab office in Madrid

office interior
The office of Kaspersky Lab in Madrid


ADDRESS Business center Parque Empresarial La Finca, Madrid, Spain



About Project

This year the Spanish division of Kaspersky Lab is ten years old, and the company moved to a new office in the Parque Empresarial La Finca business center in Madrid. The design of the working space was developed by the Moscow bureau ABD architects, which created a simple and universal space, equally convenient for employees and clients.

The Madrid office is quite small - its area is ​​500 square meters, and there 42 people work only. To speed up the construction, at the request of the Client, the standard design sequence was violated: first, tender documentation was issued, and then the design project was made. Thanks to this, after only three months from the start of the design, the company's employees began to work in it.

The new office of Kaspersky Lab in Madrid is designed in the style of the company's Moscow headquarters - light, simple and minimalistic.

Black frames of partitions, black doors and reception desks of broken dynamic forms with a concrete finish - all this unites the Madrid office with the company's offices in Moscow and London.

Carpet tile of different shades of green was chosen as the floor covering, which has already become traditional for the interior of the company's offices. Suppliers of furniture and partitions were selected from Spanish manufacturers.

During construction, materials left by the previous tenant were used: raised floor and metal panels of the suspended ceiling.

Bright red and yellow accents in the decoration of furniture in the areas of communication and collaboration emphasize the Spanish flavor. The seating area has acoustic chairs that absorb extraneous sounds: here you can relax during a siesta or hold a conference call.
The windows of the office overlook to small courtyard, which employees use as a workplace in the warm months.

The motto of Kaspersky Lab: "We are here to save the world." Therefore, the image of the knight El Greco from the Prado Museum in Madrid was a source of inspiration for the design of the office. So lamps,  shaped like the collars of Spanish grandees, appeared in the patio and kitchen area.

Irina Prisedskaya,
Senior architect, ABD architects
It was a very interesting experience of working in an international team. Despite the fact that we have never met, we and our Spanish colleagues perfectly understood each other and the Client. I hope everyone is happy with the result.

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