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office interior
The office of company Givaudan


ADDRESS Moscow, Kosmodamianskaya emb., 52



About Project

ABD architects designed the new office for the Japanese company Brother - one of the world's leading manufacturers of printing equipment. The Russian division of the company is engaged in sales, marketing, technical support, warehousing and distribution of Brother products.

The architects were tasked to reflect in the interior design the brand strategy - “At your side”. This slogan tell us about main principles of the company: partnership, intimacy, mutual aid of employees and empathy. All these features are expressed in relations of employees to the Client. Also it was necessary to create an office with the possibility of expanding the state, which was done: it is possible to increase the number of work places by 11-13 later. Important aspects in creating a new space were comfort of employees and safety, including fire.

The plan configuration and zoning are determined by need to maximize using of small working space. Principles such as democracy, closeness and cooperation are reflected in the office planning too. The team does not have a hierarchy of workplaces or different furniture for employees of different status. Only the general director and the finance department have a separate office because of their activities, and all other employees work in the open space. Each workplace is comfortable and equipped with high-quality ergonomic furniture. The office has different meeting rooms: two with a small area for 4 people, one for 8-10 people and one large meeting room with a mobile partition-wall.

The collaboration zone is combined with a coffee point. It is a bar counter, where you can drink coffee or work together. Also architects have provided spaces for concentrate work: sofas with high acoustic walls which absorb sound.

The office color combination is based on the main colors from the company's brand book. The main color of the office is blue, and bright accents - red, pink, yellow, blue and green.

Irina Prisedskaya,
Chief architect
In this project we have brought to life all wishes of the Customer, and it was very easy and pleasant to work with him! The design project was created in a very short time and was immediately approved. The principle “At your side” really works as a company philosophy. We had very open, trusting relationship with the customer, well-coordinated and effective work in one team, which allowed us to coordinate the project and get a good result in a short time and with a limited budget.

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