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About Project

AbbVie is a global biopharmaceutical company that has the capabilities and focuses on solving the most important public health problems in the world. Activities AbbVie as a leader in the pharmaceutical field began with the founding of Abbott in 1888 by Dr. Wallace Abbott of Chicago. Since then, Abbott has become a world leader in healthcare, offering people innovative pharmaceuticals, baby and health food products, diagnostic tools and tests, and medical equipment in more than 150 countries.

All top managers sit in separate offices, but they are directly located in the open space, the person sits next to his department, the team. The offices are not deaf, the partitions are all glass, transparent. And matting is more decorative. This reflects the corporate standards of the company, its openness not only to the world, but also within the company - all communicate among themselves.

That is why the office has many meeting rooms for different purposes: huddle room, meeting room, innovation room, etc. Among them there are ordinary, standard meeting rooms, and there are multimedia tables equipped, there are simply sets of soft groups for informal meetings.

Along the facade are formed niches in the adjoining rooms, there tables are set up, and zones for communication and meetings are formed. Thus, the corridor areas are not lost, which allows maximum use of office space. Similar negotiation is also different: open, closed, small - only for one chair and table (talk on the phone) - there are many corridors, you can walk around in the office.

Pavel Ryazanov,
Administrative manager Abbvie
But for the help of ABD Architects, and in particular Marina Dimova and Anna Kukhareva, it would not have been possible to save significant part of the initial budget and finalize the project right on time with no completion date delays whatsoever. The quality of work is very high and it was also mentioned by our Global engineering team. We truly admire the diligence, integrity and eagerness of ABD architects team.

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The concept of the interior color design in the new portion of the firm’s office sheds peace and confidence that you will be treated here attentively and up to the highest standard.
ABD architects designed a new office on the area of 340 square meters. m. The spacious conference room, a functional open space, manager's office, 2 internal negotiation, as well as the reception, coffeepoint and etc.